3rd Grade: Virtual Field Trip

In this lesson, we will explore the production, markets, and consumption. It can be used to teach third-grade students. It reflects two social studies standards for Ohio that involve understanding the production and consumption of a product for a consumer and understanding markets where buyers and sellers exchange goods and services. The students will learn this through their favorite snack food, Goldfish! The student page that they will use during this virtual field trip is located here.

Let’s begin by looking at two different factories one in Ohio and one in Pennsylvania 

While looking at these two locations we are going to make a Venn diagram of the differences and similarities. Look at the size of the factories, the neighborhood or area they are located at, and other characteristics of the factory.

Pepperidge Farms has several factories in the United States, do you think they all look exactly alike and have the same amount of workers, same amount of buildings, etc.?


Before we begin production of our favorite snack food we first need to know about their history.

In the 1990s Goldfish created the famous slogan “The Snack that Smiles back.” They named their mascot “Smiley.”

How do you think this slogan affected the production, marketing, and consumption of Goldfish crackers?

Draw our own Goldfish, you can color and name your Goldfish how you wish, be creative!

These will be sent to Pepperidge Farms headquarters to say thank you from this classroom.


Now the production of the Goldfish can begin.

Why do you think that Pepperidge farm would hide some of their ingredients for Goldfish crackers?

Just like in the video line up your Goldfish (in the bag provided for you) tail to head, and see how many fish it takes to cross your keyboard. Record your findings.

Don’t eat your Goldfish just yet, they are needed for the last activity.


Our virtual field trip is coming to an end, but first, take a look at a fun site. Play some games, learn fun facts about Goldfish, and meet the other members of the Goldfish gang.

Using the Goldfish that are in your bag create a bar graph. Since these are colored Goldfish, map out your graph for how many Goldfish of each color that you have. Color in your bar graph using a similar color to that of the Goldfish. Once you have finished your bar graph and colored it in. You may consume, that means eat, your Goldfish.

Is there any difference in the flavor of the Goldfish?