Volunteer Recruitment

This is the ‘I’m In’ boards that were created for a series that the church did. The Tech Director and I worked together to create these boards for the lobby. The four boards are the four different ministries (Nursery, Preschool, Elementary, and Students). Each card on the boards represents a need in a ministry and the plagues under each header said “I’m in for…” and then each ministry chooses 6-8 one-word answers about their ministry. For Elementary the words we choose were: being silly, listening, high fives, imagination, questions, and FUN! A person came up to the board looked through the needs and then fill out their information on the back, we followed up with each person with security applications and conversations about serving.

Trunk or Treat

The same boards as above were used to also recruit volunteers for Trunk or Treat. We had updated our Trunk or Treat to have more activities for families, which meant we needed more hands. The cards on the boards are slightly different than the ‘I’m In’ boards. Instead, we had perforated cards, the bottom portion they filled out for our office to have and the top part explained their task for the day, their group leader, and more information they would need for the event.