Ministering to Volunteers

Every Sunday I provide breakfast, coffee, etc. for my volunteers to have. This space allows volunteers to be able to sit and talk amongst one another and build relationships. It also gives me a space to give announcements, allow them to sign-in, get their supplies that they need, and talk with them about their lives. We began implementing a prayer time before each service within this room as well, it helps me to see who has arrived and it gives volunteers an incentive to come a little earlier to serve.

When I first started at the church there was no space for the volunteers to go that was just their own and I know how important space like that can be during a hectic Sunday morning.


Volunteer Spotlight

Each month we also try to spotlight a family or a specific volunteer for the amazing work that they are doing in the ministry. We write a small blurb about the family or individual and then other volunteers are able to write a note of encouragement to that volunteer. It has created an environment that helps us appreciate one another and that we are all part of the body, we have different jobs, but we are all needed.

Below you will also see that my volunteers surprised me by making me the “Volunteer Spotlight” for a month. I had just come off of three weeks in a row of camp and was exhausted, but my volunteers loved and encouraged me in such a small way. I say it far too often, but God has blessed me with the most amazing volunteers I could ever ask for.